Monday, December 9, 2013

On Your Last Daze; Try Not To CRY

On Yo Last Daze; Try Not To CRY

  • On my last days of college
  • Ever
  • I'm trying not to cry
  • I was always tryin tryin to get out 
  • and now that I'm done I'm so sad :(
  • Working in the real world doesn't sound that great
  • My boss told me today that everybody gets through it
  • Everybody gets over it
  • Everyone makes it
  • Last days at radio
  • Last days at work
  • omg sad.

All of my friends hate the new Katy Perry Album - but I don't care.
I love this song - Spiritual :)

avoiding grocery shopping at all costs
going to be broke soon.
but bagels w/ lox are just soo tasstayyy

amazing friend made this amazing mini snowglobe
gunna cry
bye bye

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