Friday, June 28, 2013

Blink Blink Blink

"Hey lil' monkay princess! I needa see in da mirror too!"

  • Just gettin' readdyy freddie fah werq - wearin' mah WOWCH strawberrie saxafonie kittie shirt! woo! & Land's End polka dotted pantz & glasses!
  • Mah tellie-tubby tummy is peekin' out ta say "HAAALLLOOO!"
  • *waves* *waves* *waves*
  • Mmmhmmm.

Just finished reading Malcolm Gladwell's book about subconscious thinking & first impressions, "Blink" !!!
It was wayy cool too look at what's called  thin slicing, where your brain picks up on teeny tiny elements of a situation to break it down. On top of that - how people can & do use this skill in real life!! 

5 Questions for Malcolm Gladwell:

1) What are your greatest inspirations?
2) When you get up in the morning,
 what is the first thing you do?
3) What is the most challenging part of writing books 
like "Blink"? 
4) Were there any great surprises during your 
research/writing process?
5) If you could work as/be any thing/one else for a day what would you choose 
& why? 


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