Saturday, April 28, 2012


tra la la. shoe be do be do.

 Before this show came out the word "gleek" definitely meant something else ... (I refer to the very credible source of "urban dictionary")

  • Anywhooo.. even though I'll never admit it aloud, I do enjoy the occasional episode of GLEE - you know, that show about the rag tag team of singalinging teenagers from the (actually very real) town of Lima, OH.
  • It's not really my fave, cause they're all singing out their feelings and I feel like this is some elaborate form of escape from true confrontation (also, everyone is super sentimental and corny - blech). :P
  • BUT! This week they did a Whitney Houston episode and I am so lovee struck!

Here are my two favorites!!!! Woo!! :D

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